Dawn Golloher
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“I had been doing my own web site since 2001.  I used a program that isn’t even available these days.  Due to its limitations and all the different types of computers, security on them etc my ordering process wasn’t so easy for all.  Needed to update the process and make it easier for customers to place an order.  Also always thought if the site ever has issues during the gardening season…   Decided sometime last spring to look at having it redone.   My goal was to learn a new program eventually and have the new site up and running for sometime in December 2015 in time for season 19.  I came up with some goals for the new site/layout and met with Pat in October 2015.  Was 10 minutes in and had decided he had the job.  Pat was easy to work with.  Emailing back and forth worked well for both of us. Knowing he was local was great as I believe in supporting businesses locally when we have a choice.  We both came up with some new ideas during the initial design process and during the construction.  I had a date in mind for launch and budget for his time and he respected both.   Due to me wanting to learn and do some of the work myself for some content, ‘plant inventories/control’ and shopping cart options he taught me along the way.  Suggested some great videos and now it has been launched I am very pleased with the results.  I have had a few customers already say one of the easiest shopping online experiences they had.  Was important to me to look professional but still have the personal touch.  I didn’t want it to look like a site only for mail ordering perennials.  Local customers can pre-order their plants and set up a pick up date! NO payment required until customers pick up which is what I had done prior. Thank you again Pat!”
Dawn Golloher,
Gardens Plus