Sharon Graham
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“As executive director of Career Professionals of Canada, I am genuinely impressed and appreciative to Carrie Wakeford for her support. Carrie has been an integral part of our social enterprise’s support system as Website Content Validator since January 2013. CPC’s websites are sizable, with extensive informational, educational, and promotional content. In her leadership role, Carrie proactively takes the initiative to regularly perform a formal review of these expansive websites.

Carrie’s reports provide deep insight to site usability and how we can help our consumers understand the programs, services, and benefits we offer. With a well-defined methodology and meticulous precision, she advises on both structure and content. Carrie studies our target market and subject matter to precisely identify solid solutions and address our unique business needs. Her content editing is flawless as she pays careful attention to every detail. Delving deep into the material, she provides practical and tangible recommendations to ensure that our marketing is impeccable.

Carrie is proactive, proficient, and professional. Her diligent and thoughtful approach engenders confidence and trust. She is certain to enrich website design and development projects in any sector that wants to expand it’s reach.”
Sharon Graham
Executive Director
Career Professionals of Canada