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Screens shot of the HRS Group websiteLocated in Peterborough, Ontario, HRS Group has been a leader in Occupational Health and Safety Training, Consulting, Workplace Assessments and program manual development for over 25 years. This rebuilt, accessible and mobile-friendly website was developed using WordPress. The site features an extensive and informative blog, a responsive media slider, CSS3 animation for visual interest, and a Google Reviews widget. The fact that it’s WordPress means that HRS Group can easily manage all aspects of the site independently with support from Black Cap Design.
Redeveloped and Launched: January 2023

Screenshot for the new site design for NeuroshapingNeuroshaping – with offices in Peterborough and Bancroft, Ontario – provides an innovative team approach, offering a range of services including neurofeedback, biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis and psychotherapy. The Neuroshaping site was designed and constructed using WordPress. The new site is fully accessible and mobile responsive and can be managed and edited independently using the WordPress dashboard.
Designed, Developed and Launched: January, 2023

Screenshot of the new design for the Peterborough City Soccer Association website

Peterborough City Soccer Association provides high-calibre player development and playing opportunities at the talented/elite level for children and adults in the greater Peterborough area. The PCSA website was redesigned and constructed using WordPress, providing a user-friendly administrative dashboard for independent site management.  PCSA actively manages all aspects of the site with as-needed support from Black Cap Design. The site includes a range of features including a blog, image galleries, contact forms and a private area for Board Members.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: November, 2022

New website design for Peterborough VegFestPeterborough VegFest is a community-based and family-friendly festival taking place in Peterborough Ontario, celebrating the environmental, ethical and health benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and lifestyle.  The Peterborough VegFest website was built using the WordPress website platform.  The site is mobile-friendly and can be managed and edited independently.
Designed, Built and Launched: July, 2017

Screenshot of new website design for Brian May, Jungian AnalystBrian Mayo is a Jungian Analyst, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brian’s website was designed and built using the open-source WordPress content management system.  The site is mobile-friendly, accessible, and can be edited and managed independently.
Designed, Built and Launched: February, 2017

Screenshot of the Winey Camper blog

Winey Camper is a blog dedicated to camping and canoeing adventures, enjoying the great outdoors – and occasionally sitting around a campfire with family and friends drinking wine from a plastic cup.  The Winey Camper blog contains opinionated gear and trip reviews, recipes, stories and some great wilderness photography.  The blog was built using the excellent WordPress CMS and features a nifty, customized blog category system.  It allows Winey Camper to publish 4 separate blog pages (for Gear, Recipes, Trips and Trail Tales) within a single WordPress blog.
Designed, Built and Launched: March, 2016

Screenshot for the Telka Smith website

Telka • Smith Practice in Psychology is a group practice comprised of psychologists based in Peterborough, Ontario. The Telka Smith website was redesigned and rebuilt in 2015 using the WordPress content management platform. The new site is mobile responsive and can be managed and edited independently by Telka Smith using the WordPress administrative dashboard.
Redesigned, Rebuilt and Launched: November, 2015

The Life Insurance Guy

The Life Insurance Guy, is an insurance brokerage owned and operated by Brian Bulger in Peterborough, Ontario. The site, originally designed in 2008, was modified in 2015 to make it mobile-friendly.  The site features a dynamic CSS navigation menu, and resizable text utility, a PHP content randomizer and contact form. Brian has included a series of informative YouTube videos on the site, and regularly includes feature articles on his “News” page.
Rebuilt for Mobile Responsivity and Launched: July, 2015

Mapleridge Recreation Centre

Mapleridge Recreation Centre – for adults 50+ is a community-based not-for-profit activity centre located in Peterborough, Ontario.  Mapleridge offers a range of group programs and events fostering friendship and opportunities for social interaction. Mapleridge staff and volunteers were looking for a site they could easily manage independently.  We recommended and developed the new site using WordPress which allows for independent site management including a perpetual event calendar, a ‘featured sponsor’ widget and photo gallery.
Developed and Launched: May, 2014

Andrew Benedetto

Andrew Benedetto, Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst operates a private practice in Toronto, ON.  Andrew provides a client-centred, confidential and supportive approach, helping clients gain new perspectives toward insight and healing. Andrew requested a website he could manage independently.  We recommended and built a site based on the WordPress CMS – giving him complete administrative control, with access to our support on an as-needed basis.
Developed and Launched: May, 2014

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