Website Design & Development

A Great Site

Your website needs to look good AND work effectively. A great site will:

  1. feature your branding (logo, colours, design) and eye-catching images.
  2. have a logical structure so visitors won’t get lost.
  3. include content written for both humans and search engines (SEO). 
  4. include a secure technical base that you can update, expand and maintain easily.

Black Cap Design sites meet these four goals without taking a cookie-cutter approach. We create unique website designs customized from a list of options you select.  We will also make sure your site includes standard features that will work for both you and your visitors.

Options include:

  • newsletter form
  • contact forms
  • event calendars
  • blogs
  • career blogs
  • training (your training transferred to online training)
  • shopping cart
  • Canada Post shipping
  • horizontal and vertical menu options
  • video
  • image sliders
  • donate button
  • interactive maps
  • search utility
  • social media links
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds
  • text resize/scalable text buttons
  • translation
  • media players
  • customized how-to-guide
  • customized one-to-one training

Standard Features – all Black Cap Design sites are:

  • built and tested to meet W3C HTML5 and CSS standards.
  • cross-browser compatible, ensuring optimal performance in all web browsers.
  • accessible for persons using assistive or wireless handheld devices.
  • optimized for search.
  • formatted for printing.
  • designed to include enhanced security.
  • built with email address encryption to help protect you from spam.
  • designed for good search engine optimization (SEO ensures that search engines can find your site).
  • created with dynamic navigation menu which highlights the current page.

The Black Cap Design System

We learn about your needs, preferences, technical skills and target audience.  We help you decide on a platform for your website (e.g. WordPress).  Then we guide you through our design and development system, ensuring clear communication and quick response times.  

At Black Cap Design, website design and development is a step-wise and consultative process. At each step in the process, a link will be posted to the work-in-progress, accompanied by a request for feedback. Your recommendations will be incorporated into the work and we will provide a revised sample. Once you are satisfied with the sample, we will proceed to the next step.

  1. Site structure developed.
  2. Mockup of the Home page.
  3. Conversion: Setting up – configuration and customization.
  4. Extensions / Plugins (configuring and customizing additional plugins) for specialized functions.
  5. Adding content to the site (written content, images, links).
  6. Testing and debugging (Web Standards Compliance testing, cross-browser testing, testing dynamic features, script debugging).  This ensures your site looks and works the same regardless of the end-user’s web browser.
  7. Project launch.


Black Cap Design estimates are broken into components so you can add and remove features, controlling the final total.  For example, your priority may be social media links and an image slider, but next year you want to add an events calendar and newsletter contact form – no problem.

Our blogs and websites range from $600 (for a basic blog + hosting) to $10,000+. Most small to mid-size projects are in the $2,500 to $5,000 range.

For a detailed estimate tailored to your specific project, contact us at 705-927-2308, by email at or use our contact form to share your website vision.