Screen capture of new website design for Windring PotteryWindring Hand Made Pottery is the home studio of local potter and artisan Priya Harding. Windring Pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe and all pieces are designed & handmade by Priya. The Windring Pottery site was constructed using the open-source WordPress content management platform, enabling independent content editing & creation.  The mobile-friendly site features a product gallery and secure contact form.
Site Designed, Developed and Launched: February, 2021

Screen capture of the new design for Historic Plaster Conservation ServicesHistoric Plaster Conservation Services specializes in addressing the systemic deterioration of fragile plaster in historic buildings and developing patented specialty products, techniques and tools, designed to strengthen and re-attach existing plaster on ceilings and walls.  The new site was designed and constructed using the open source WordPress content management system.  The WordPress blog feature was used to create an extensive catalogue of completed projects.  And because it’s WordPress, all aspects of the site can be managed independently.
Designed, Developed and Launched: January 2021

Screen capture of new site design for Inner City Books

Inner City Books is the only publishing house in the world devoted exclusively to books written by Jungian analysts featuring authoritative works on basic Jungian principles, women’s studies, spirituality, alchemy, relationships, dream and fairy tale interpretation, masculine psychology, midlife issues and much more. The Inner City Books website was designed and constructed using WordPress, allowing for independent site management.
Designed, Developed and Launched: December, 2020

C&T Tool and Machine Inc.

C&T Tool and Machine Inc. is located in Peterborough, Ontario. C&T Tool designs and manufactures custom machinery and automation for the automotive, nuclear, and food industries. The C&T Tool website was redesigned and rebuilt in 2020 using the WordPress content management platform.  New features include a secure contact form and a multilingual Google Translate utility.
Redesigned, Redeveloped and Launched: November, 2020

Screen capture of the new design for Gold Leaf Energy Systems


Gold Leaf Energy Systems Inc. is a North American energy consultant, distributor and installer of reliable energy-saving solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors. The Gold Leaf Energy Systems website was designed & developed using the WordPress content management platform.
Designed, Developed and Launched: May, 2020

New website design for Bethany Septic SupplyBethany Septic Supply is a family-owned company offering a range septic system components, including septic tanks, tank risers, leach field chambers, and wastewater treatment systems.   This new mobile-responsive and accessible website was designed and constructed using the WordPress CMS.  The site features a media slider, collapsible content widgets and a secure contact form with spam filtering.
Designed, Developed and Launched: November, 2019

Screen capture of new design for My Left BreastMy Left Breast is a specialty boutique located in downtown Peterborough, Ontario, providing women coping with cancer a supportive place to receive emotional support, post-mastectomy wear, wigs, compression garments and fitting services.  The new mobile-friendly My Left Breast site was constructed using the WordPress CMS and features photo galleries, a product slider, newsletter integration and large colourful hero headers.  And because it’s WordPress, the content can be managed independently.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: April, 2019

Screenshot of the new website for the Canadian Buther Clock Company Inc.Canadian Butcher Block Company Inc. produces wood countertops, butcher blocks, cutting boards and artisan tables for a global market. The new website was designed and hand-coded to be mobile-friendly, and visually engaging regardless of the visitor’s device or screen size.  The site features an animated navigation menu and photo gallery, collapsible content areas, and a secure contact form.
Designed, Developed and Launched: June, 2016

Avant-Garden ShopThe Avant-Garden Shop is a brick & mortar and online retail store providing quality garden accessories, backyard birding supplies and outdoor décor. The Avant-Garden Shop website was completely redesigned and rebuilt using the WordPress content management system and the excellent WooCommerce eCommerce plugin for WordPress. The new site features a blog, a YouTube channel widget and YouTube virtual tour of the Peterborough retail store, a handy Home page slider for product notifications and features, an interactive Google maps widget, and social media menu.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: March, 2016

Gardens Plus is a greenhouse and garden centre located in Peterborough, Ontario specializing in hostas and daylilies and perennials. In addition to showcasing and selling plants from the greenhouse and garden centre, plants can be ordered online from the Gardens Plus website.  The website was fully redesigned and rebuilt using the WordPress CMS in 2015, and is managed independently by Gardens Plus with support from Black Cap Design. The Gardens Plus site boasts a number of engaging features including a shopping cart, a media slider, an editable Google Maps widget, and a customer comment widget.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: December, 2015


Worbo Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of high temperature protection technologies, including insulation and heat resistant solutions for a variety of high temperature environments. The Worbo site was fully redesigned and developed in 2014 to be mobile responsive using the WordPress content management system. The site was built for optimal search and features a Google translation widget, a site search tool, an image handler for resizing thumbnail images, and a blog.
Designed, Developed and Launched: June, 2014

Rodlin Instruments

Rodlin Instruments Inc. is a Canadian company providing electronic design and manufacture of embedded controls incorporating micro-controllers, for devices such as checkout counter conveyor controls, controls for automatic doors, sequencer boards and automotive controls. The Rodlin Instruments website features a JQuery LavaLamp navigation menu, a JavaScript image handler for dynamic image resizing, and a Flash/JavaScript/XML contact form with auto-responder.
Designed, Developed and Launched: May, 2011

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