Screenshot of the new website design for Whitfield Home Improvements Inc.

Whitfield Home Improvements Inc, owned and operated by Curtis Campanaro, offers a range of services, from custom carpentry and finishing to complete home and cottage construction throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas. This new mobile responsive website was designed and constructed using the WordPress content management system. The site features a client testimonials system, project photo galleries, and a secure contact form.
Designed, Developed and Launched: February 2024

Screens shot of the HRS Group websiteLocated in Peterborough, Ontario, HRS Group has been a leader in Occupational Health and Safety Training, Consulting, Workplace Assessments and program manual development for over 25 years. This rebuilt, accessible and mobile-friendly website was developed using WordPress. The site features an extensive and informative blog, a responsive media slider, CSS3 animation for visual interest, and a Google Reviews widget. The fact that it’s WordPress means that HRS Group can easily manage all aspects of the site independently with support from Black Cap Design.
Redeveloped and Launched: January 2023

Screenshot of the new site design for Cody & James Chartered Professional AccountantsCody & James Chartered Professional Accountants is a full-service accounting firm located in Peterborough, Ontario.  Cody & James offers a range of services including bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting geared to individuals and small businesses. The redesigned, accessible and mobile-friendly website was developed using the WordPress content management platform. In addition to the new design, the site boasts a range of dynamic features including secure contact forms, a blog for posting news articles, a Google Reviews widget, and newsletter integration. And since it’s WordPress, the site can be managed independently.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: March 2022

Screenshot of the new site design for All Tied Up Pet ServicesAll Tied Up Pet Services is a dog training and pet behavior consulting business operated by Ali Brown, servicing the Peterborough and Lakefield area of south eastern Ontario. Ali needed a website for her growing business – one that she could manage herself with occasional help from a professional Web Developer. We worked with Ali to create a platform where she can blog, post articles and photos, and connect with new and existing clients. The site was constructed using the WordPress content management platform.
Designed, Developed and Launched: February 2022

Screen capture of the new design for Historic Plaster Conservation ServicesHistoric Plaster Conservation Services specializes in addressing the systemic deterioration of fragile plaster in historic buildings and developing patented specialty products, techniques and tools, designed to strengthen and re-attach existing plaster on ceilings and walls.  The new site was designed and constructed using the open source WordPress content management system.  The WordPress blog feature was used to create an extensive catalogue of completed projects.  And because it’s WordPress, all aspects of the site can be managed independently.
Designed, Developed and Launched: January 2021

New site design for Melida's Custom Sewing

Melinda’s Custom Sewing is operated by Melinda Masters, a designer, patternmaker and tailor serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas.  The new website for Melinda’s Custom Sewing is a brochure-style, one page site providing an overview of Melinda’s services and her contact information.  The new mobile-responsive website and customized theme were built using the WordPress CMS.
Designed, Developed and Launched: February 2020

Screenshot of new site design for Cielo Farm

Cielo Farm, located in the rolling Cavan hills, is family owned and operated, growing produce from non-GMO, untreated seeds using organic, sustainable methods.  Cielo Farm operates a Farm Share program, a B&B and Farm Stay.  The new Cielo Farm website is mobile-friendly and was constructed using the WordPress CMS.  The site features two secure contact forms with built-in spam filtering, and easy-to-manage and mobile friendly image galleries.
Designed, Developed and Launched: September 2019

Screen capture of new mobile-friendly site for Meistercraft Wood Flooring

Meistercraft Wood Flooring, owned and operated by Master Craftsman Alex Melchert, specializes in the installation and finishing of new flooring, as well as refurbishing & repairing existing hardwood floors. The new mobile-friendly Meistercraft site was rebuilt from scratch using the WordPress content management system, allowing for independent content management with support as needed from Black Cap Design.  The site features a secure contact form, a customer testimonial section, and an easy-to-manage photo gallery.
Redeveloped and Launched: June, 2019

Screen capture for the new site design for Resume Pro CanadaResume Pro Canada assists Canadian job seekers with customized resume and cover letter development, interview preparation and career coaching.  The Resume Pro Canada website was designed and developed for Resume Pro Canada using WordPress.  The site features a blog, customized blog excerpt widgets, a media slider, and a contact form.  The fact that it’s WordPress means the folks at Resume Pro Canada can easily manage site content & images independently.
Designed, Developed and Launched: May 2019

Screen capture of the new website for Trent Cremation Services

Trent Cremation Services is locally owned and operated and provides support to individuals and families in planning and pre-planning direct cremation and burial services.  The Trent Cremation Services website was redesigned to be mobile-responsive, intuitive and accessible. The site was rebuilt using the WordPress content management platform and includes a custom-built cost estimator
Redesigned, Rebuilt and Launched: October 2018

Screenshot of new design for C4 ConstructionC4 Construction is as a family-owned and operated design build firm specializing in construction, architectural and interior design services, based in Lakefield, Ontario. The new C4 Construction site was designed and developed using the WordPress content management system.  The site is mobile friendly and accessible, and includes a range of features including a media gallery showcasing C4 Construction’s work, a testimonials feature, and a secure contact form.  The site can be managed easily via the easy-to-use WordPress content editor.
Designed, Developed and Launched: July 2018

New site design for Marsha MacLean Professional CorporationMarsha MacLean Professional Corporation is a boutique accounting firm serving Peterborough and the Kawarthas. The new website was constructed using the WordPress content management system. The site is mobile-friendly and fully accessible.  It features a media slider, blog, contact form, and a customized private document access system, allowing private documents to be shared securely. And because it’s WordPress, the site can be managed easily using the intuitive WordPress content editing system.
Designed, Developed and Launched: August 2017

New website for Mike Clark Excavating & Septic PumpingMike Clark Excavating & Septic Pumping is a fully licensed, family-owned and operated septic company providing septic inspections, repair and maintenance throughout Peterborough County and the Kawartha Lakes region.  The website for Mike Clark Excavating and Septic Pumping was redesigned and rebuilt in 2017 using the WordPress content management system.  The new accessible and mobile-friendly site features a media slider, a testimonial widget and form, a contact form, and a blog.  The site can be managed independently using the intuitive and easy-to-use WordPress administrative dashboard.
Redesigned, Developed and Launched: April 2017

Screenshot of new website design for Brian May, Jungian AnalystBrian Mayo is a Jungian Analyst, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Brian’s website was designed and built using the open-source WordPress content management system.  The site is mobile-friendly, accessible, and can be edited and managed independently.
Designed, Built and Launched: February, 2017

Screenshot of the new website for Speakers GroupSpeakers Group specializes in promoting and connecting professional speakers and entertainers with conference and event organizers.  The new mobile-responsive site for Speakers Group was built using the WordPress CMS, and as such enables independent content management. The site features a responsive media slider, customized Speaker, Entertainer and Topic catalogue, blog, and contact form.
Developed and Launched: January 2017

Screenshot of the Wakeford & Associates website

Wakeford & Associates specializes in training, project management and career counselling. The site was completely rebuilt in 2014 using the WordPress CMS platform. The new site features a blog, an attractive Home page slider, and widgets for client testimonials and quotes.
Rebuild Launched: July 2014

Team Fido Dog Training

Team Fido Dog Training is a Peterborough-based service dedicated to helping you and your dog build a great relationship. Owner Cindy Van Frankfoort works with dogs of all ages, offering puppy socialization classes, individual training in your home and beginner flyball lessons.  The “Team Fido” website is based on the WordPress CMS platform allowing for independent content updates & site management. The site includes an easy-to-use image gallery and features a mobile-friendly responsive design.
Developed and Launched: January, 2014


Forest~Pro is a forestry consulting service specializing in forest management and stewardship plans and approvals for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) throughout Southern Ontario.  The Forest~Pro site features a dynamic JavaScript image gallery, image and text randomizers, 2 secure Flash-based contact forms, and a browser-based Web Editor to allow DIY content updates.
Designed, Developed and Launched: July, 2010

Adams Construction

Adams Construction Services (ACS) offers a variety of new construction and renovation services throughout Peterborough and the Kawarthas.  Their site includes a portfolio of their work, an image gallery, their guarantee and a contact form.
Launched: April, 2007

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