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Master of my Domain (Name)
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One topic that always comes up when talking with customers about starting a new website is what to call it.  In Web Developer terms, this is called assigning the site a Domain Name.  The Domain Name is the www address that appears in the address bar of your Web browser. I suppose assigning names to websites is an extension of our natural impulse to name things (children, puppies, the pet hamster).  Giving each website a unique name also makes it […]

WordPress Security: Fact or Fiction?
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One of the biggest shifts in website development in recent years has been toward sites that can be managed independently – commonly referred to as Content Management Systems (CMS) or “dynamic” websites.  WordPress has emerged as the leader due to its flexibility (with over 27,000 free plugins available for download), its intuitive administrative console and huge developer community. What many people don’t realize is that any website that enables browser-based editing (the ability for you to manage your own content […]

Selecting a CMS (Why WordPress is King)
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“I need a website that I can update myself, but I have no idea where to start.”  This is something we hear a lot from people looking to establish a presence on the Web.  It’s not surprising given the range of options available. A quick search for “Choosing a CMS” will return a mind-boggling amount of sometimes conflicting information.  So, where to start? Selecting a Hosting Platform (Choose Linux) It actually doesn’t matter if you’re opting for a static website […]

Web Design 101: Don’t Leave Your Visitors in the Dark!
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How many times have you arrived at a website and asked yourself, ‘ok, now what am I supposed to do?’ Many people jump to the conclusion ‘geez i must be really dumb if I can’t figure this out!’ when the unfortunate reality often points to a poorly planned and executed design – what I call the ‘user interface’. In my work as a Web Designer & Developer, I visit a lot of websites.  Out of necessity, I’ve learned to quickly […]