Black Cap Design Clients Go Responsive
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Since Google announced in April 2015 that they are rewarding mobile responsive websites with better search rank, Black Cap Design clients have been busy making the transition.  (See our post “It’s Official: Google Has Decided You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website“.)  There are still a LOT of traditional fixed-width sites out there, but the tide is turning and people are increasingly realizing that small screens are here to stay!

Responding to Responsive

Avant-Garden Shop: This well established local brick & mortar store has also been selling and shipping products through their online shop world-wide since we developed their first eCommerce store in 2009.  In 2016 they made the switch to a mobile friendly WordPress + WooCommerce online shop, making customers happy, and giving their SEO a boost.

Wakeford & Associates: Wakeford & Associates provides career management services and résumé development for organizations and individuals, as well as online training design and facilitated online learning.  The bulk of this work is done online, so switching to a mobile friendly platform has made it possible for Wakeford & Associates to stay connected with their client-base.

Telka · Smith Practice in Psychology: In 2015, Telka · Smith made the switch from a traditional fixed-width, static website to a mobile-responsive WordPress site.  The switch has made it easier for practitioners and new and existing clients to access the site using a wide range of devices.

Council for Persons with Disabilities: Accessibility also means being accessible on hand-held devices.  In addition to rebuilding their website to make it accessible to people using screen readers and other assistive devices, the Council for Persons with Disabilities also needed a site that was mobile responsive.  They now have it all – an accessible WordPress site that looks great on all screen sizes.

The Life Insurance Guy: This well established business had a website that was developed several years ago before handheld devices started to dominate.  They are still getting great feedback on the site and they are happy with the look; however the site didn’t translate well to phones.  So while no changes were made to the “tried and true” website, it has been updated so that it is now mobile-friendly.

Worbo Inc.: Global manufacturers of high temperature, heat resistant solutions for industry, Worbo Inc. was one of the first companies in our portfolio to make the switch to a mobile friendly platform.  This site is fully responsive, and adjusts on-the-fly to match the device type and screen size of every visitor, which helps with search rank and customer satisfaction.