Moving to SSL – Increased Website Security and Better SEO
Moving to SSL – Increased Website Security and Better SEO avatar

Google and WordPress have made it their mission to secure the Web. 

In the “old days” – before 2016, the only way to secure a website – and encrypt data transfer – was to purchase a costly SSL certificate.  That also meant purchasing a dedicated IP address, which ruled out cost-effective shared hosting. 

Then, in 2016, a company called “Let’s Encrypt” developed a system to enable SSL without the need for a dedicated IP address.  Google and WordPress both quickly came out in support of this technology.  As a result, hosting providers are slowly beginning to include SSL as a basic security feature.

At Black Cap Design, we adopted the new technology early in 2017. 

If you look at the Black Cap URL, you will see  The ‘s’ at the end of http means the connection is encrypted – which provides better security. 

Advantages, beyond the obvious security for your website.

  • Google is increasingly rewarding sites protected by SSL with better search rank
  • As the technology improves, sites protected with SSL will see significant speed improvements
  • Less spam

Black Cap Design Hosting is reserved for our design & development clients, but if you have questions about SSL, please contact us at 705-927-2308, by email at or use our contact form.