Do I Need a Home Tab?
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Do I need a Home tab?Why do I need to include a Home tab on my website when everyone knows you just need to click on the logo? 

You may find it surprising to learn that not  everyone knows that, in a well designed website, clicking on the logo will open the Home page. Many of your visitors may still expect to find a Home tab on the menu. 

A “Home” tab does take up space.  If you have a crowded menu it can be visually overwhelming.  Additionally, now that most people want mobile-responsive websites, shorter menus work best. 

To save space you could use a Home icon in the navigation menu.  Or you could add a “Home” button somewhere else on the page rather than in the menu. 

When you’re making any decision about the design of your website, it’s important to know how Web savvy your average customer will be.  It is also a good idea to read up on Web “usability” and “accessibility”, or chat with a Web Developer about Web design best practices.

There may come a time when the Home tab will become obsolete, but in our opinion, we’re not there yet.  For now, we recommend designing your site for customers still looking for a Home tab.  We also recommend displaying your logo or branding at the top of each page, so it CAN be used as a Home page link.

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