Managing Comments on your Blog
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Managing CommentsAre you thinking about setting up a blog?  Are you trying to manage comments on an existing blog?

Whether you are setting up a business, professional or personal blog, you will need to decide whether you will allow comments.

Blogs help you improve your website’s SEO AND they help you connect with new and existing customers. Allowing people to post comments on your blog is a great way to make it interactive and drive even more traffic to your site.

However, allowing comments also opens the door to a lot of spam. 

You can turn comments off so your blog becomes a one way communication tool.  But what if you want to allow your readers to post comments?  How do you allow comments on your blog posts while at the same time controlling the amount of unwanted posts by spammers?

Your Blog Management Options

  1. You can allow comments that only you approve.  With this method, you can set up your blog to notify you by email every time someone posts a comment.  This reminds you to login to approve or delete the comment before it is posted on your site.  If you want to avoid extensive emails, you can turn off email notification and just remember to login occasionally to approve or delete comments.  With this option, managing spam will be a fairly big job.
  2. To make blog comment management easier, we recommend Akismet.  It is a great anti-spam service that monitors comments posted to your blog and separates them into spam and legitimate blog posts.  With Akismet, managing your blog becomes much less daunting. 

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Please Note:  All Black Cap Design blogs include built-in security features at no extra cost to you. 

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