Call to Action
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Call to ActionBlog posts and web pages need to include some way for your visitors to connect with you directly.  This “call to action” motivates people to take the next step, which may include sending you an email, signing up for an event or placing an order.

Call to action buttons can work effectively for a wide range of website functions.  For example, your site could include buttons that say, “Buy Now” or “Donate”, or “Join”, or “Volunteer” or “Call”, or “Sign Up”.

You can also end each page or post on your website with text that makes it easy for the reader to reach you by phone or email.  For example, many of our web pages end with something like “For more information contact us by phone at 1-705-927-2308 or send an email message to .”  You may also consider including a link to your contact page.

Providing an email link makes it easy for readers to reach you without having to search your site for contact information.

Note:  If you include your email address on your site, make sure it’s encrypted, otherwise you will notice a dramatic increase in spam in your inbox.

So we would be remiss if we didn’t say “If you would like more information about making your Call to Action clear and easy to use, contact us at or call us at 1-705-927-2308.