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Why Website Structure Matters: Information Architecture
Why Website Structure Matters: Information Architecture avatar

Have you ever visited a website that left you feeling frustrated?  Maybe you were looking for something and couldn’t find it. Or you felt like you had fallen down a rabbit hole and didn’t know how to get back to where you started. Websites with poorly organized structures have this effect; they can leave you feeling disoriented and discouraged. How does this happen – and how do you avoid it when managing or creating your own website? When a new website […]

Tackling the Wall of Text Problem
Tackling the Wall of Text Problem avatar

In my last post (“The Importance of Content“), I referred to the problem of “too much text”.  Personally and professionally, I love to read – but even for me, when I encounter a website that consists of a wall of text, my gut reaction is “ugh, too much information”. As I pointed out in the previous post, too little information can be a problem for search engines, but too much information can be a problem for humans.   When it comes to […]

The Importance of Content
The Importance of Content avatar

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently. He had hired a company specializing in SEO to try increasing traffic to his website.  One of the recommendations was to remove all of the written content from his Home page and replace it with images.  I explained that while this might add visual appeal, it would certainly result in reduced traffic.  He decided to give it a try and had me remove the content. My prediction was correct and the […]