4 Reasons to Start a Business Blog
4 Reasons to Start a Business Blog avatar

PenIf you’re like most business owners, your goals likely include improving the SEO of your website, positioning yourself as a leader in your field, marketing your products and services, and gaining new customers or clients.  Adding and maintaining a blog on your business website can help you achieve all four of these objectives and save you money in the process.

1. Improve your Organic SEO

If your website displays on the first few pages of an online search, you will definitely see an increase in traffic to your site. If you want to stay on the first few pages, you will need to continually add fresh content to your website.  Adding new content to the pages of your site or writing new blog posts will result in improved ranking by search engines like Bing, Yahoo, & Google.

Sharing your blog posts on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will also improve your organic SEO.  It is even better when your employees and customers share company posts through their social media accounts.

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2. Position Yourself as a Leader in your Field

A blog will help you build and manage the reputation of your company and your brand. You will earn the respect of both customers and peers by providing helpful information.  This information will also reduce the time you spend answering common questions about products and services.

You can also build leaders in your own organization by asking team members to write blog posts.  This will take the pressure off the marketing department, help the team learn from each other and improve the writing and technical skills of staff.

3. Market your Products and Services

You can use your blog to market your products and services in both direct and indirect ways.

Direct: You can post information about new products or services, and time sensitive promotions.

Indirect: You can educate and empower your customers with information about topics related to your business or services.

4. Support your Existing Customers and Gain New Customers / Clients

In addition to helping you stay connected to your existing customers, blog posts can help you attract new customers.  Business owners report an increase in customers as a direct result of their blog posts.  Blogs can also help you attract potential business partners or employees by demonstrating the philosophy, culture and values of your organization.

Ideally, you want to end each blog post with a “Call to Action” so that you convert web traffic into leads or sales.  For example you can end a post by saying: “For more information about … please contact us at …”  You may also decide to use a “Call To Action Button” E.g. “Buy Now”.

Adding a Blog

If you want to start blogging, consider adding a blog to your existing website.  You can also build a new website that includes a blog.  For more information about using a blog to enhance your website, contact us by phone at 1-705-927-2308 or send an email message  to .