Get Your Website Working for You
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website working for youI had a conversation with a new client recently.  His employees have been encouraging him to “get a website and join the 21st Century“.   He said “I guess they’re right, but we’re already really busy and I’m not sure we can take on more business right now“.

It’s true – having a website can generate more business – but it can also work for you by reducing your workload.

This particular client receives a ton of calls from prospective customers wanting basic product information.  By adding a Product Information page to his new website, he has been able to direct people to that page where they can access high resolution product shots and download product spec sheets.

One of the reasons we decided to rebuild our Black Cap Design website using WordPress was to power this blog where we can post articles that answer frequently asked questions about Web Design and Development.

Using your website as a resource for clients is easy to do and can save a lot of time and effort – freeing you up for other things.  And your clients will appreciate it too.  Providing resources for prospective customers creates a better, richer website experience, which can be a very good thing for your bottom line.

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