Building a Website: Your Role in the Process – A Great Webinar
Building a Website: Your Role in the Process – A Great Webinar avatar

At Black Cap, we regularly get questions from clients like “what’s involved in getting  a website project rolling?”, “what do you need from me?”,  and “what’s better – a custom-built CMS or an open source CMS like WordPress?”.  So, we were excited to find this great webinar – because it covers these questions and many more.  The presenter takes a common sense approach, using plain language…no technical jargon!

When we first listened (it’s audio with PowerPoint) we wondered if the speaker’s points would still be relevant given that it dates back to 2009 – and were impressed with how relevant and accurate the material is.  This guy knows his stuff!

The video: “How Much Should a Website Cost?” with speaker: Allen Gunn and Facilitator: Kami Griffiths.

Here’s what to expect

In this webinar, Allen Gunn provides valuable tips that will help you manage the website design (redesign) and development process.  The information is ideal for large and small businesses as well as non-profit organizations.

The webinar covers:

  • The initial Web design steps – including developing a communication system within your organization.
  • The impact your existing branding, organizational structure and philosophy will have on the web design process.
  • Money saving steps you can take before meeting with a Web designer.
  • Steps in preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) and selecting a Web designer.
  • Deciding between an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, and a custom-built CMS.
  • Pricing on design, development and hosting. 
  • What to expect in terms of ongoing maintenance, updates and staff time commitment.
  • Finally, template options are discussed.

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