Client Questions
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Traditionally, the Black Cap Design team has responded to our client’s questions by email; providing information and instruction.  Over the years, we have come across many common themes.

People often ask functional questions like:

  • Should I use a content management system like WordPress or ZenCart (for e-commerce) or do I go with a static site?
  • What steps do I need to take to prepare?
  • How do I register a domain name?
  • Does it matter where my site is hosted?
  • What do I need to know about security?

People also ask:

  • How do I improve my Google ranking – improve my site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  • Where do I find images for my site?
  • What content should I include?
  • Should I add a blog?
  • What are the benefits of adding social media links?

Many of our first blog posts are articles we have written over the years.  Over the next few months you will find more posts that answer common Web-related questions.  We look forward to sharing our answers to these common questions, and will also provide new information, links and resources as we find them.