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Fountain PenBlogging can be a great hobby.  A growing number of bloggers are taking to the Internet to share their interests by writing on a wide range of topics.  The WordPress CMS blogging software is flexible and easy to use so we recommend it for anyone interested in starting a personal blog.

To learn more about WordPress blogs, visit our post “Blogging Software“.

People who start a blog are usually the folks who enjoy writing, educating, helping or just connecting with others.  They enjoy sharing their thoughts, feelings and knowledge through writing and media  such as photos and video.  In the old days, these folks wrote letters, kept a diary or journal, had photo-albums or scrapbooks.  They may have submitted articles to magazines or written (or dreamed about writing) short stories or a novel. 

Why start a Personal Blog?

There are many reasons to start a personal blog.  Some people blog because it’s fun; blogging as a hobby is growing in popularity.  Some people blog because they want to improve their writing or research skills. 

People also blog to:

  • Share ideas.
  • Meet like-minded people online.
  • Develop existing relationships and stay connected.
  • Help others by providing information.
  • Keep their writing skills strong.
  • Sharpen their critical thinking skills.
  • Develop their creativity.
  • Improve their computer skills.
  • Create a history/legacy.
  • Stand out from the crowd.

What Should I Write About?

If you decide to start a personal blog, there are hundreds of possible blog topics.

For example:

  • A family recipe blog; where you share those great recipes from potluck dinners.
  • A travel blog; use to keep your family and friends up-to-date on your adventures.
  • A family history blog; where you capture stories and pictures from the past.
  • Parenting blog; offering information and tips or funny stories.
  • A book club; where you share book reviews with others.
  • A blog about your hobby; where you share your passion and expertise e.g. antique cars, gardening, fitness or photography.
  • A social change blog; where you draw attention to a particular cause – political, environmental or social, e.g. saving a local park.

Other Types of Blogs

In addition to blogging as a hobby, blogs can be used for business and career development.  We recently wrote about using personal websites/blogs for career management.  And of course there are blogs connected to businesses, like this Black Cap Design blog.  Check back next week to learn more about blogging for business.

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