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BlogThe word ‘blog’ is short for ‘weblog’.  A blog is actually a website with a standard structure that allows you, the blogger, the ability to regularly record and share information, opinions, images, videos and links with a world wide audience. 

If you want to blog, you will need to make a few decisions.

  1. Do I want a basic blog or do I want a website that has a blog as one of the pages?
    1. If you already have a website, you may choose to integrate a blog into your existing site.
  2. What software should I use to run my blog?

The good news – you currently have access to some excellent blogging software.  As blogging grows in popularity blogging software is becoming more powerful and user-friendly.

WordPress: The Best Blogging Software Available

At Black Cap Design we love WordPress and we are not alone.  In our blog post “Selecting a CMS (Why WordPress is King)” we explain why it’s our favourite Content Management System (CMS) – regardless of whether you’re blogging from Peterborough and the Kawarthas, from downtown Toronto, or from your cabin in the woods.

WordPress software provides the structure that allows your WordPress Developer to create a distinctive look and feel for your shiny new blog.  The software also allows you to easily manage the administrative back-end of your blog.  Blogging software makes it easy for you to enter written content and upload media (e.g. video or pictures).  The software will also help you organize and display your posts (the things you write about) by using automatic systems such as the archival system. 

WordPress makes it possible to manage your website or blog, even if you are not tech savvy.

Black Cap Design Blog

What you’re reading now is a blog post.  The Black Cap Design website is built using the WordPress CMS.  Our WordPress blog is built into the website as a page in the menu. 

Blog posts are articles that are usually stored in reverse chronological order.  If you look to the right you will see three menus starting with a list of our most recent posts.  You will also see the automatic archival system we mentioned.

We have also created “Categories” to help organize our blog posts so they are easier for our readers to find.  All these features – and more – are available to you if you choose a WordPress blog. 

More WordPress Information

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Selecting a CMS (Why WordPress is King)

Black Cap Design Blog Service

At Black Cap Design, we can set up, host and maintain your blog.  We offer a blog writing service if you are too busy to blog yourself.  At Black Cap Design, we also offer enhanced security and backup systems for your protection and peace of mind.

If you want a basic blog, a customized blog, a website that includes a blog or help adding a blog to your existing website, we are happy to provide you with an estimate.

If you would like more information about setting up a blog, please contact us at 705-927-2308 or by email at