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Before launching Black Cap Design, Pat and I both worked for not-for-profit organizations.  We also have experience as volunteers on fundraising committees and on non-profit Boards of Directors.  This gives us insight into the unique challenges social service agencies face when it is time to design or redesign their websites.

We developed this PDF checklist for our not-for-profit clients to help them identify some of the common decisions they will need to make.  This list also includes steps that will help make the Web design process as smooth and efficient as possible. 

We recognize that each organization is unique; some organizations may need to add steps, while others may want to skip some of the steps.

Note:  This checklist is designed for non-profit organizations, however, it contains information that could help anyone facing the task of designing or redesigning their website. 

Download the Black Cap Design’s Non-Profit ChecklistDownload this PDF

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