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The Website of Your Dreams
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If you’re considering having a website designed or redesigned, selecting a Web Designer is just the first step. Imagine you have just commissioned a painting.  The artist will need to know what you have envisioned – portrait, landscape, abstract… A Web Designer is like an artist staring at a blank canvas.  You really don’t want your Designer jumping in without any guidance from you, especially if you are working to a deadline.  In most cases a Web Designer will start […]

5 Reasons Why Your Site Should Be Standards-Compliant
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Web Standards: Test Before You Buy! The last time you purchased a vehicle, it’s a safe bet you took it out for a test-drive first. After all, you’re not buying it just to have it look good sitting in your driveway! In the early days of the Web, the only way to test-drive a website was to visit the site, look at it, and test the links to make sure they worked. The Web has come a long way since […]